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future seeds.

Sustainability.  Digitalization.  Future.

Surprise, inspire and enable sustainable successful action with top trends, practical concepts and clear solutions: Futurologist and keynote speaker Prof. Dr. Anabel Ternès not only motivates but also guides everyone on the path to sustainable success.

As a multiple founder and author, Anabel is recognized as a leading mind in sustainability and digitalization. Forbes refers to her as the LinkedIn Top Voice “Superwoman” Handelsblatt recognizes her as one of the “thought leaders and visionaries,” and Hypovereinsbank hails her as
“One of Germany’s outstanding managers and

Honored with several awards, including FEMALE FUTUROLOGIST OF THE YEAR, CEO eLEARNING OF THE YEAR, and the GOOGLE IMPACT CHALLENGE AWARD, Anabel is a Fellow of prestigious organizations like Nexus Global and Aspen. Additionally, she actively participates in various advisory boards, including Plant for the Planet, UN Ocean Decade, and Club of Rome.

Anabel embodies overall systemic thinking, a sustainable mindset,
and collaborative action.

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Los, jetzt: Nachhaltig führen = Zukunft gewinnen

Through this book, managers gain a deeper understanding of assuming responsibility for the environment and society, fostering long-term success for both their company and employees.

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Nachhaltigkeit heißt für uns Verantwortung

Tips and encouraging stories from successful entrepreneurs and founders – Guidelines for sustainable living and working – Stories and tips from the everyday lives of entrepreneurs and founders – How to integrate the SDGs into your professional and private life

30 Minuten: Digitale Souveränität

Mein Smartphone – meine Entscheidung – How to design your digital life – For responsible and self-determined use of media – Learn to judge sources and data based on their quality and credibility

Effiziente Krisen – Kommunikation transparent und authentisch (2. Auflage)

Wie Kommunikation in extremen Situationen heute aussehen muss, um Organisationen zukunftsfähig zu machen

Future Skills. 30 Zukunftsentscheidende Kompetenzen und wie wir sie lernen können

Future Skills. 30 Zukunftsentscheidende Kompetenzen und wie wir sie lernen können

entscheidender FUTURE SKILLS eröffnet eine ganz neue Dimension für den Übergang von der Wissens- zur Kompetenzgesellschaft. 69 bekannte Vordenkerinnen und Vordenker sowie Pionierinnen und Pioniere stellten co-kreativ dieses einzigartige Praxisbuch zu 30 Future Skills zusammen – zu deren Anwendung in allen persönlichen und beruflichen Bereichen. Und das Beste daran: Diese Zukunftskompetenzen sind ab jetzt für jeden lernbar!

Studiogespräch mit Anabel Ternès von Hattburg
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Prof. Dr.
Anabel Ternès

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Anabel Ternès


Grüne Karriere: 8 Signale, an denen Du nachhaltige Arbeitgeber erkennst

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It is time for us to think holistically and shape our future sustainably.

Prof. Dr. Anabel Ternès  |  Futurologist

Anabel Ternès

Encouraging you to create impact in a world longing for meaning

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