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Book Prof. Dr. Anabel Ternès as a keynote speaker, specialist presenter and inspirational source. With her, you are guaranteed to experience a rousing, inspiring and long-term effective lecture. As a specialist presenter and panelist, she enriches every event as one of THE experts on the future, sustainability and digitalization.

Anabel tailors her signature keynotes, impulses and specialist moderation optimally to your specific target group, the occasion and the goal of your event. 


» Secret weapon: Future Mindset

  • Uncover the superpowers that enable us to shape a successful digital future despite crises and wars
  • Captivating insights into the world of the digital future
  • Fit for a future worth living and suitable for grandchildren

» From AI to Deep Technology to VR – How technologies are revolutionizing our world

  • Insights into the status quo of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, deep technology and virtual reality
  • Achieving Successful corporate positioning in the digital age

» CSRD, supply chain law, ESG reporting, impact investment and co.: Sustainability as a success factor!

  • Development of a sustainably successful winning strategy that goes beyond compliance with legal obligations

» Smart healthy – Mentally fit: How digitalization helps to make employees strong for the future

  • Leveraging digitalization to strengthen employees in times of crisis and keep them fit for the future

» Never again a shortage of skilled workers! With strong human sustainability for sustainably successful human resources management

  • Creating a robust corporate culture
  • Achieving Successful employee recruitment and retention

» Win with strong self-leadership!

  • Sustainable self-management as the key to employee motivation, mental strength and company success

» Score with diversity!

  • Enhancing the company’s attractiveness through diversity, culture and people
  • Involving and inspiring employees

» Gamification & Storytelling

  • From Apple to Tesla: How game mechanisms and compelling stories become a success factor for companies
  • Emotional and attractive game and storytelling mechanisms for companies
  • Elevate your success through experiences, connections and relationships
Prof. Dr.
Anabel Ternès

as a keynote speaker, specialist presenter and inspirational source for your event.

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Anabel Ternès

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