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Surprise, inspire and enable sustainable successful action with top trends, practical concepts and clear solutions: Futurologist and keynote speaker Prof. Dr. Anabel Ternès not only motivates but also guides everyone on the path to sustainable success.

As a multiple founder and author, she is recognized as one of the leading minds in sustainability and digitalization. Forbes hails her as the LinkedIn Top Voice ‘Superwoman,’ Handelsblatt acknowledges her as one of the ‘thought leaders and visionaries,’ and Hypovereinsbank refers to her as ‘one of the outstanding managers and entrepreneurs in Germany.’ 

In her role as the Managing Director of the SRH Institute for Sustainability Management and professor of communication management,she actively contributes to several start-ups, leveraging years of management experience in business development for international companies.

As the founder of GetYourWings,Anabel has created online learning games like Code and Safe the Planet to support sustainable and digital skills. Her writings  grace the pages of magazines such as HAUFE, TWEED and FOCUS. 

Honored with several awards, including FEMALE FUTUROLOGIST OF THE YEAR, CEO eLEARNING OF THE YEAR, and the GOOGLE IMPACT CHALLENGE AWARD, Anabel is a Fellow of prestigious organizations like Nexus Global and Aspen.
Additionally, she actively participates in various advisory boards, including Plant for the Planet, UN Ocean Decade, and Club of Rome.

Committed to fostering responsible coexistence that bequeaths future generations a world worth living in—embracing human rights, environmental protection, and a promising future. Anabel has championed this cause since her childhood, navigating a life enriched by a migration background and guided by the conviction that education is the linchpin for personal development. 

Anabel embodies holistic systemic thinking, a sustainable mindset, and a commitment to collaborative action.

Anabel Ternès

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