It is time for us to think holistically about our future and shape it sustainably.

It is time for us to think holistically about our future and shape it sustainably.

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About Anabel Ternès

Prof. Dr. Anabel Ternès von Hattburg is one of the leading minds for digital and sustainable futures. The futurologist, professor and director of the Institute for Sustainable Management is an expert in sustainability, digitalization and future competencies. Anabel Ternès is the author or editor of more than 50 books. She writes for Focus, Forbes and t3n, among others.

As managing partner of the social organization GetYourWings, the learning space for future shapers, she develops strategies and formats for developing potential and teaching future skills.

Anabel Ternès is committed to sustainable healthy digitization, education and human rights, including as Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Flexible Working World Foundation, as a member of the Board of Directors and Executive Board of the BCCG’s Health, Life Science & Wellbeing Expert Group, as a member of the Supervisory Board of the Peter Ustinov Foundation and as Deputy Chair of the Bitkom AK Arbeit 4.0.

A graduate in business administration, education and M.A., she has several years of expertise in business development at international companies.

I stand up for responsible coexistence that also offers future generations a world worth living in.

I support organizations that empower young people, promote women and protect our environment for a future fit for grandchildren.

I am convinced that whole-system thinking and sustainable, collaborative action have become indispensable for the long-term success of the economy and for a value-based society that is equal in opportunity.

Together we shape the future!

Anabel Ternès

My offerings


Von wirksamer digitaler Kommunikation bis zum modernen Leadership: mit meinem Fachwissen und langjähriger Erfahrung helfe ich Ihnen auf dem Weg zur modernen nachhaltigen Organisation – mit dem Menschen im Mittelpunkt.


My coaching offer helps you to get into the power to make sustainable decisions independently and to lead teams successfully. The offer is primarily aimed at executives and senior HR employees.

Workshops & Vorträge

Ich spreche mit Ihnen zu den Themen Nachhaltigkeit, (Self) Leadership und Arbeit 4.0. Fundierte Grundlagen, Praxisbeispiele und interaktives Arbeiten mit konkreten Tipps und Anwendungen helfen Ihrem Unternehmen dabei, sich zukunftsfähig aufzustellen. 

Presentation topics

New & Self Leadership Education

New Leadership: Lead employees successfully into the future

Self Empowerment: Leadership starts with myself

Future competencies: Develop key skills to make yourself and your employees fit for the future.

Healthy digitalization

New Work 4.0: How to make your company and your employees fit for the future

Customer 4.0: Find out what customers want today and how to position your company to meet them

Health in the digital transformation: Why occupational health management and the awareness of each individual for their own health are becoming increasingly important

Press releases

BV-GFGH 09/23
Krankenhaus-IT Journal 11/23
Mit-Blog 11/23
Mittelstand 11/23

further releases


30 minutes Digital Sovereignty

My smartphone – my decision

  • How to shape and control your digital life
  • For a responsible and self-determined use of media
  • Learn to judge sources and data according to quality and credibility
    This guidebook provides you with basic knowledge about digital sovereignty in the areas of technology and IT, in the assessment of data and sources, as well as information about data security and data protection, and about the possible health consequences of media use, in order to increase media literacy and the possibility of shaping one’s digital world significantly more oneself. 

Future Skills: 30 Future-Critical Competencies and How We Can Learn Them

The first major practical book
deciding FUTURE SKILLS opens up a whole new dimension for the transition from the knowledge to the competence society. 69 well-known thought leaders and pioneers co-created this unique practical book on 30 Future Skills – for their application in all personal and professional areas. And the best thing about it: These future skills can now be learned by everyone!

Orientation models and digitalization

Transformational communication processes

The more digital and technical our environment becomes, the more we look for orientation. Digital change means a flood of information, constant innovations and loss of privacy. What can keep us grounded? Some formerly fundamental, traditional sources of orientation such as print media or classic television are giving way to individualized digital services and have almost lost their role. Orientation in the digital age implies new educational demands on communication and cultural studies. With this book, Anabel Ternès von Hattburg lays the foundation for a new model of orientation that can keep us grounded within the digital transformation and that is based on transparency and critical questioning.


Schwierige Zeiten brauchen ein neues WIR!

Schwierige Zeiten brauchen ein neues WIR!

Ob Depression, Burn-out oder Magersucht: Menschen mit psychischen Erkrankungen werden häufig stigmatisiert – doch wie können wir den Betroffenen helfen und sie unterstützen? 1. Aktuelle Situation...

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Deutschlands Energiekrise kam mit Ansage

Deutschlands Energiekrise kam mit Ansage

Deutschland befindet sich in einer herausfordernden Situation. Die Energiekrise bereitet vielen Bürgern Sorgen, schließlich steigen die Gaspreise seit Monaten. Trotzdem ist der jetzige Zustand keine...

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