Create a healthy digital future
with strong communication

Create a healthy digital future
with strong communication

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About Anabel Ternès

Prof. Dr. Anabel Ternès von Hattburg is one of the leading minds for the digital future. The digital entrepreneur, professor and expert for digital communication focuses on the future topics of HR management, leadership and health. Anabel Ternès is an author of more than 50 books and writes for FOCUS, IMPULSE and t3n, among others.

As managing partner of GetYourWings she develops concepts to make people fit for the digital change.

Anabel Ternès is committed to healthy digitization, education and human rights, including
as Chairwoman of the Board of Trustees of the Stiftung flexible Arbeitswelt, as a member of the Board of Directors of the BCCG, as a member of the Board of Directors of NFTE Germany, as Deputy Chairwoman at Bitkom AK Work 4.0 and Innovation and as Head of the
Entrepreneur Network of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung.

As business graduate, educational science graduate and M.A. she has several years of expertise in the business development of international companies.

I advocate responsible communication, mindfulness, diversity and respect for others.

I support organizations that empower young people, promote women and protect our environment for a better world.

I believethat more laughter together without reason, respect for others and belief in our own effectiveness will help us to shape a future in which values such as responsibility, trustworthiness, self-determination and courage are lived.

Together we shape the future!

Anabel Ternès

Topics of lectures Anabel Ternès

New & Self Leadership

New Leadership: Lead employees successfully into the future

Self Empowerment: Leadership begins with yourself

Success Tools: Use effective instruments for the leadership of your employees

Work & Economy 4.0

Work 4.0: How to make your company and your employees fit for the future

The new customer: Find out what customers really want and how you can position your company towards their interests

Future skills: Develop key skills which make yourself and your employees fit for the future

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Digitalisierung als Chancengeber

This book shows the opportunities of digitization

The reorganization of work, worldwide networking and lifelong learning with the help of appropriate programs – as this book shows, digitization opens up a wide range of opportunities for everyone, at work and at home. In emerging and already established professions, employees with children or family members who need special care, can remain active in their jobs and make a career.

Orientierungsmodelle und Digitalisierung

Transformational communication processes

The more digital and technical our environment becomes, the more we look for orientation. Digital change means a flood of information, constant innovations and loss of privacy. What can keep us grounded? Some formerly fundamental, traditional sources of orientation such as print media or classic television are giving way to individualized digital services and have almost lost their role. Orientation in the digital age implies new educational demands on communication and cultural studies. With this book, Anabel Ternès von Hattburg lays the foundation for a new model of orientation that can keep us grounded within the digital transformation and that is based on transparency and critical questioning.

In 30 Minuten Wirkungsvoll kommunizieren

You’ll know more in 30 minutes!

Communication takes place on different levels, often on several levels at once. What the receiver reaches is often not what the sender would like to express. However, it is the receiver who decides on the effect of communication in the end. Therefore, effective communication always focuses on the receiver. This short and comprehensive guide uses many concrete examples to show how successful communication works, which basic communication strategies you can apply in your private and professional life and which effective tools you can use to ensure that your message reaches the receiver. 


Digitalisierung als Chancengeber

Digitalisierung als Chancengeber

  Hier erfahren Sie mehr über mein Buch „Digitalisierung als Chancengeber – Wie KI, 3D-Druck, Virtual Reality und Co. neue berufliche Perspektiven eröffnen“: KLICK

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