International Digitalization Trends and how pioneering companies implement them

International Digitalization Trends
And how pioneering companies implement them.
München: AVM

The following book brings together international digitalization trends in different branches. Each chapter describes at first the trend in general, followed by cases from pioneering companies in the respective field. Selected relevant graphics illustrate the respective topic. In the interests of transparency, the summaries of the individual chapters precede this part of the book. The book with the selected industries, company examples and representations shows an excerpt from the development that industries are making in the area of digitization.

Vikas Chikmagalur Maheshwarappa
Szu-Han Chen
Skolastika Grazia Esmeralda Tjahyadi
Ali Hijazi
Min Chin Lee
Roza Hakobyan
Sebastian Kallies
Duygu Caliskan
Dr. Anabel Ternès

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  • Last weekend, I attended the exhibition "Marilyn in Town – Hollywood’s Golden Age" at @grisebach_.The photos by Frank Worth made me think about the value of a good picture: Even in today’s digital age, you needs skills to capture the right moment.
  • Form follows function? A well-known saying among design enthusiasts is now proven by a study: Companies that use #design can achieve additional growth of up to 250 percent. supports entrepreneurs & start-ups in achieving this goal – thanks for the constructive meeting at our GYW office, André May!
  • Happy to contribute to the success of this year's @mep_germany by an expert interview on equal #opportunities, especially regarding #education. This is not some theoretical discussion, this is an important challenge and a fight for future generations! #educationmatters #MEP
  • In the age of #DigitalTransformation, everyone can benefit from entrepreneurial competences! 🚀 Together with Dilara Erdem, Claudia Mitchell & Richard Petrich, this is my message to the young people of Georg-Büchner-Gymnasium #Berlin – I love being part of the "Ich mach' mich selbstständig" initiative in cooperation with @ihkberlin #educationmatters #entrepreneurship #imms
  • Hello from the NFTE Germany board! I strongly support @nfte‘s mission to carry entrepreneurial skills into our schools. Not everyone needs to be a founder – but founder qualities like intuition, time management, resilience, creativity are crucial for everyone. #futureofwork
  • Yesterday, we welcomed @aiesecglobal students Mariam, Svetlana & Yurii (front) within the team of @getyourwings ! Their mission: Work on our cooperation with – happy to have you onboard! #freshstart #welcome

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