The speakernotes and expert contributions by Anabel Ternès are informative, practical and entertaining.

Her main topics are:
1. Digitalization & Consumer Behavior

  • Digital change: New orientation patterns and behaviors
  • Who actually is the customer 4.0 and how to reach him
  • Become an attractive employer with digitalization + sustainability

2. Health trends & health management

  • Key skills and competencies to successfully capitalize on digital transformation
  • Find and retain the right employees with corporate health management
  • Increase the health awareness and motivation of your employees

3. New Work & Leadership

  • New working models and working conditions for the digital world
  • Hierarchical management was yesterday: How successful leadership in the digital world must look like
  • What established companies can learn from successful startups

Dr. Anabel Ternès is the author and publisher of numerous publications and specialist publications in German and English. She is on the Editorial Board of several international journals, including the Arabian Journal of Business and Management and the International Journal of Economics & Management Sciences. She holds a professorship in e-business and communication management.

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